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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Keep a sharp eye out. Could be on the way up next week!

Hi to all...

Just figured that I'd send you al a little notice on this one.

With another one of those meteoric rises to oil pricing underway, from the loks of it, the people of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick will be taking the first hit as early as the morning of the 30th.

If the trend keeps up for the next couple of days, Newfoundland and Labrador will be taking the next one...

According to my numbers, there is some slight upwards movement on stove oils and an almost 2 cent a litre (plus taxes) movement on gasoline.

That means we're sure to see another price hike over the $1.00 a litre mark again.

Another draw on all the important fuel groups is telling me we just aren't getting that conservation message out there and simply, WE'RE PIGS BEHIND THE WHEEL.

Here's what I have with heating/stove at 49.08/Litre as of the last adjustment and gasoline at 47.78/Litre...

November 22/06...Heating...48.97...Gasoline...48.97

November 23/06...Heating...48.99...Gasoline...49.00

November 24/06...Heating...48.68...Gasoline...48.69

November 25/06...Heating...48.68...Gasoline...48.69

November 26/06...Heating...48.68...Gasoline...48.69

November 27/06...Heating...50.14...Gasoline...48.68

November 28/06...Heating...50.82...Gasoline...49.78

While the heating number might have averaged lower than my previous fix the last couple of days, heating oil and crude traded higher the last two sessions and continues to trade up. With cold weather forcast in the United States, the motivator of pricing is upwards, so be warned!


Mind you, with heating oil in big demand now, t'is not just the season for to be jolly, we're also a little more merry with turning up the thermostat when it gets a little cold like this too. Can't say I blame you myself for the rise in heating oils with the cold seeping in as it did but, gasoline?... C'mon people... we can do better than what we've been doing can't we?

All we need now is to see OPEC turn back the spigots and we're in big trouble!

Keep an eye out here for the latest release that I'll be posting sometime next Tuesday or Wednesday. I'll have a clearer picture then what's going to happen but, I'd be hitting the pumps Wednesday night coming.

Regards for now!


Friday, November 10, 2006

Slight upwards adjustments coming
Keep an eye to the blog here in the next few days as I will be posting numbers. From the look of things, there is going to be some slight adjustments upwards to gasoline and stove/heating oils.
Not much now mind you, but still up nonetheless!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Night mission- November 1941

Snow on the ground
Crunches underfoot to the sound
Of twin wasps

Into the belly
The keeper of the brain
To the nerve centre for a seat
in the steel cold hardness of war.

Moving slowly o’er the grass
and into the reaches of space.
Into the arms of a waiting enemy
And wishing forever for home…

© George Murphy September 15,1995

Here's another of my little pieces...
What it must have been like, to hop into a plane whose tires may have been frosted to the ground, the interior freezing, and then knowing you might not be back for breakfast.
The plane you're looking at is a Bristol Beaufighter and it's probably this same scene that I saw some time ago that inspired the piece I wrote. The plane is a Bristol Beaufighter, the type that our Newfoundland and Labrador fellows flew for a few years before the Mosquito came in.
This one is again dedicated to everyone who ever serviced a plane outside in freezing temperatures, who ever flew, whoever served, and for whoever may still mourn.
On days such as these, I think we all do.
Remembrance Day isn't far away so, I figured I would put a few in, if for no other reason than to remember the fellows and ladies who died for the right for me to post...