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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'm a St.Mary's fisherman fishing St.John's
driving the city with the fishery gone
and like the salt water,people to go
waterhaul,waterhaul, haul-away o...
I cast out my net in waters bittersweet
same as I did but now from the street
My dory's a Ford that drives to and fro
waterhaul,waterhaul,haul-away o...
Just a bare living like my father before
I strain at the wheel like him at the oars
and I'm driving mad others go with the flow
waterhaul,waterhaul,haul-away o...
So,I'm headed home now with little in hand
just like from the waters where Dad took his stand
and just like the waters that wash to and fro
waterhaul,waterhaul,haul-away o...

George Murphy February 17/05

May I digress!
I wrote this one a while back about a fisherman who couldn't fish anymore and had to settle for crawling in behind the wheel of a cab to make a buck.
A waterhaul is a Newfoundland and Labraor fisherman's term for coming up with nothing in the net when it came time to pull it in.Cabbies here don't get a job to where they've been sent when they get a waterhaul.
Some might think that this is going to be the future of the fisherman if the offshore oil industry starts to take precident over the big bucks of the oil companies.I just couldn't resist posting this one!

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