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Monday, October 15, 2007

Consider filling the home heating tank
International events warrant consumer warning

News release

St. John’s, Newfoundland, October 15, 2007 – International events are prompting a warning from the Consumer Group for Fair Gas Prices to fill the home heating oil tanks. George Murphy is sounding the alarm as ongoing violence is putting upwards pressure on pricing of all petroleum products.

“The last few days on the international scene is telling me that we have bottomed out on any further decreases in pricing of heating and stove oil product. Draws on inventory in the United States along with the threats of more violence in Turkey and northern Iraq have led to an increase in all distillate products over the last couple of business days. That news is grim as renewed violence in northern Iraq along the Turkish border could possibly disrupt oil exports to the coast of Turkey”, said Murphy.

“The port of Ceyhan, Turkey handles most Iraq exports that come from the north of Iraq. The Mediterranean town handles almost 1.6 million barrels in exports in a day to North America and Europe and, if that is disrupted because of any possible outbreak of violence in Northern Turkey and Iraq, then we may see a huge increase in oil pricing. That momentum is continuing on the markets today. If all-out war breaks out between Turkey and the Kurds of Northern Iraq, it may be a case of “force majeure” in the markets.

“While prices are not showing an increase at this time, the rise in spot pricing is noticeable today and any further increase in spots in the next few days because of further violence or draws on inventory, may possibly signal increases at the next adjustment period. That and the onset of colder weather will mean we have already bottomed out in pricing and we’re looking at an upswing and rise from here on.”


For more information, contact;

George Murphy
Group researcher/Member
Consumer Group for Fair Gas Prices

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