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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Still projecting increases across the board


February 19, 2008- Numbers are still showing that consumers here in Newfoundland and Labrador along with the rest of North America, will be hit with increases to all consumer petroleum products. Consumers here can expect the pounding to begin this coming Thursday morning so, the word is to get to the pumps by midnight Wednesday.

Five days out of a possible seven needed for interruption to fuel prices show an allowable of 5.2 cents a litre increase while, heating-stove oils are showing 3.75 cents a litre up.Allowing for my 3/10ths of a cent margin of error, expect those fuels to increace as well. The Public Utilities Board allows a four cent a litre movement up or down, before they will interrupt pricing.

According to what I have,that will be done early on all fuels I monitor.

Whether you blame OPEC for thinking they'll have to cut back production, the traders on the New York Mercantile Exhange for seeing an opportunity to make a buck or a refinery fire in Texas, expect that Big Oil will be turning the thumb-screws to you shortly...

More tomorrow as another day's data will be available!


George Murphy
Group researcher/Member
Consumer group for Fair Gas Prices

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