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Monday, April 21, 2008

Not gonna do it...
Numbers tomorrow on more increases to come at the pumps...
Keep an eye to "Gasandoil" tomorrow as I'll have new numbers on where prices will be going.
So far, with only two days out of a possible seven, as prices interrupted last week, I have about three cents a litre on gasoline.
It's a little different for stove oils and that may be painting the way for heating oils and diesels. A slight drop in stove oil numbers of a rough 1.5 cents on a litre.
Short shrift I know, considering it's still a little chilly during the night.Oh well...Big Oil doesn't have to worry about our seniors not being able to afford the heating oils. I guess that's up to the Avalon Mall as "wandering gangs" of seniors are in competition with our younger folk for the spot at the best vido game.
See you all in the A.M...

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