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Saturday, November 15, 2008

More drops in pricing on the way
Just to keep you up to date.
With two more days of data to attain, numbers are so far showing more drops to gasoline pricing as well as heating/stove oils and diesel fuels.
Numbers are showing a drop of almost four cents on stove and close to three cents on diesel. The stove oil numbers could be a good indicator of where heating oils will go. Once again, the heating oil mix includes a combination of 75% Jet and 25% number 2 just for the winter heating season and I have not been able to track down an accurate jet fuel number so, this number is more to be used as a rough guide as to the direction heating fuel will be going.
Gasoline is showing almost 3.5 down...
We'll let you all know again about what will come about around 9:30pm this Tuesday night when I'll have all the numbers in....
I'll be in touch...
As of Monday evening, I'm now showing definite drops across the board for all fuels.Gasoline shows 3.7 a litre down,heating/stove oils are 4.32 down and diesel down by 3.1 a litre.
I'll give the final numbers Tuesday night, around 9:30p.m......

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