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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Interruption to fuel pricing possible
Update #1
From the looks of things, the recent drop in fuel pricing here may have been short-lived.
All data in so far are indicative of the possible use of the interrupter formula by the PUB as of this Thursday. The recent trading of oil, moving from $39 US to Friday's $47 US also showed that refined commodity prices rose right along with the pace in oil.
Heating and stove oils so far, shows an allolwable five cent a litre increase while gasolines show 6.0 cents a litre.
Diesel is showing 7.1 cents a litre upwards.
Not surprising really. I expected that, as there's nothing left to invest in in the markets, the only thing investors have to rely on is good old energy use. I fully expect there to be give-and-take over the next few months.
See how long this one lasts...
We'll have more here on Tuesday night.