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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Will Marine Atlantic add more on fares this week?
"Will" might be exactly what they will do...
Just finished a preliminary look at the numbers for residual fuel oils over the past three months and they're all up, meaning?...
The possibility is here that Marine Atlantic will, once again increase fuel surcharges by another two to three per cent. That's what the numbers are telling me. We have seen increased numbers from June month, almost 38 cents a litre to a point last week that saw the price per litre hit 46 cents per litre.
If an increase is coming, then there should be an announcement imminent.
As to why they wouldn't make an announcement on added fuel surcharges?
The possibility of an election looming as of today's news. Makes one wonder if we aren't being pawed around by the crown corporation in the process. If you don't hear of an increase, or an announcement from the Prime Minister's office on the handling of extra fuel surcharges, then we can assume that there are some shenanigans going on in the light of an election call.
Either way, the people of the province here deserve a straight answer on the going's on in the "Strait".
It's time though, for the office of the Prime Minister to deal with the issue and protect the consumers of Newfoundland and Labrador from the ravages of fuel surcharges passed to us with an addition of funds to help Marine Atlantic absorb the added costs of fuels when necessary.
If then, there is an election around the corner, every person in this province should make this their tantamount election issue...Put a stop to added fuel surcharges on the Marine Atlantic run.
More on this one to come!

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