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Friday, June 24, 2011

The battle shaping up...

Interesting, to say the least!

In an almost unprecedented move, Asian countries have now joined in what appears to be a global move to bring energy prices downwards to spur economic activity and recovery.

Seems to be a recognition out there from governments that OPEC's long-standing goal of keeping oil prices up is going to be a hard job.

The United States and some European countries rallied together on Thursday to release some of their crude oil reserves to the world markets, not long after OPEC met, to meet a shortfall of global crude stocks and in an effort to bring down the price of oil to bolster economic recovery. OPEC failed to increase production the other day that would have dropped crude oil prices, but the meeting to discuss production increases amongst member countries failed, spurring the move by western countries.

Brent crude shows a drop so far today by close on $1.40 a barrel, while West Texas Intermediate is down slightly by close on sixty cents. Not a big lot, but it's starting to show on refined commodity prices.

I'll be in touch, but it's off to the west coast of the province Monday.



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