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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No changes for this week

Hi to all.

Sorry that I didn't post anything last night. I was involved in an accident last week that literally had me on my back for a week. Hopefully, the doctor will clear me to be up and around from now on so I may be able to track things like news items for you all again. It's thrown me for a loop this time around.

In short...

There’s absolutely nothing that is going to happen this week with prices. At least, according to my numbers and if you account for my 3/10ths of a cent margin for error, so, I’ll be short and sweet.

Here’s what I have for this week:

  • · Heating and stove oils show a drop of 3/100ths of a cent a litre.
  • · Diesel shows an upwards movement by 1/10th of a cent, and…
  • · Gasoline shows no changes to pricing for this week.

In some ways, you have to like that.

That’s it for this week…


George Murphy

Group researcher/Member

Consumer Group for Fair Gas Prices

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