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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oil prices up can't be good...

Hi to all…

I didn’t have time to get at the news of the week in the markets, or break down what’s been happening, let alone why it happened. Last night's election, I guess you could say, distracted me!

I will hopefully, be back to form for next week.

I am formally out of the loop on oil issues for this week…

But, I do have numbers. They’re not good.

First appearance, oil prices are up over the past week by about $6 US a barrel. That’s a clue…

Keep in mind as well that heating oils are now being calculated under the winter heating blend, so, my heating oil numbers will be off somewhat from what will actually happen as a result of kerosene in the winter heating blend. The stove oil numbers will remain the same.

Here’s what I have:

· Heating/stove oils are up by 1.98 cents a litre.

· Diesel numbers show a 1.5 cent a litre increase, and…

· Gasoline shows an added 4.7 cents a litre.

That’s it for now!


George Murphy

Group researcher/Member

Consumer Group for Fair Gas Prices

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