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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gasoline moves higher

Hi to all,

Short and sweet again this week. There’s just not enough days in the week to get a full synopsis done on oil these days.

Here’s what I have for this week’s price changes:

  • · Heating and stove oils show an added 16/100ths of a cent.
  • Diesel prices show 6/10ths of a cent up, and...
  • Gasoline shows an added 2.2 cents a litre upwards.

Oil prices showed an increase of close on $3 US a barrel this week, before today’s sudden drop back to $105.00US a barrel. While oil prices showed a retreat, the same did not show in my numbers for refined commodities. US spot prices actually climbed from $3.12.20 a US gallon to Tuesday’s $3.20.06 a US gallon, with the average, of course, coming as an increase to both US and Canadian consumers.

That’s it for now,


George Murphy

Group researcher

Consumer Group for Fair Gas Prices

Twitter: @GeorgeMurphyNDP

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