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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Numbers down again this week
Look for a pause in the markets

Hi to all;

I missed one day of downwards volatility during the last week, so my numbers may be off slightly. Either way, they shouldn’t be out by that much.

Consumers will catch another break as oil prices still continued their downwards slide and, even as far as yesterday, their related refined commodities slid right along with oil numbers. While Brent crude has steadied, and even gained slightly in recent days, WTI still remains below the $80 US a barrel mark. Refined commodities like gasoline remained steady the last trading day, perhaps an indicator of a market pause after correction.

Here’s what I have this week:

· Heating and stove oils will drop by 2.17 cents per litre.

· Diesel will drop by 2.1 cents per litre, and…

· Gasoline shows down by 4.3 cents per litre.

Hope that this helps get the word out, in the meantime. I should be able to get back into the full swing of pricing and related oil issues with the House closed for the summer. I miss the place already!

Regards for now!

George Murphy

Group researcher/member

Consumer Group for Fair Gas Prices

Twitter @GeorgeMurphyNDP

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