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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Better late than never!

Hi to all,

Sorry I’m late, but I was otherwise occupied with other matters.

It would have been a little bit sooner except for the impaired driver last night. He’s probably cooling his heels somewhere within the prison system as you read this.

It wasn’t me!...

This is a short version for this week again.

· Numbers show a slight upwards movement for heating and stove oils by 1.22 cents a litre, based on five days data.

· Gasoline shows a downwards move by 1.9 cents a litre, based on seven market days, and…

· Diesel fuel shows an added 3/10ths of a cent over seven days.

Last week showed some volatility in the numbers that continues into this week, so, I have to caution everyone that there may be ‘inequities” between what I have, and those of the Public Utilities Board, particularly with the heating and stove oil numbers. I hope everyone understands!


George Murphy

Group researcher/Member

Consumer Group for Fair Gas Prices

Twitter: @GeorgeMurphyMHA

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