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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Price changes: Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hi to all,

                It’s been a long day, so, I’m keeping it short and sweet again this week.

Final data in for Thursday price changes:
·         Heating and stove oils are up by 1.28 cents a litre.
·         Diesel is up by 8/10ths of a cent.
·         Regular gasoline as well as reformulated show little change with regular up by 1/10th of a cent, and…
·          Reformulated gasoline numbers up by just two tenths of a cent a litre.

By the way, my margin for error is just 3/10ths, so there may be no change worth noting on the gas front...
Keep in mind the winter heating and diesel blend that includes kerosene...

That’s it for this week!


George Murphy
Group researcher
Consumer Group for Fair Gas Prices
Twitter: @GeorgeMurphyMHA

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