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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Numbers for Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hi to all,

Here’s what I have for this Thursday’s price changes…

Nothing major this week, next to the fact that Brent crude is slipping further due to lower China manufacturing numbers and a not-so-steady ceasefire in the Ukraine. Lower than expected growth numbers in GDP amongst European Union countries also has the European markets worried over another dip into another Eurozone crisis.

Heating and stove oils can expect a 7/10ths of a cent a litre drop.
Diesel fuel shows a drop of just a half penny, and…
Gasoline shows an added 3/10ths of a cent a litre.

Margin for error +/-3/10ths of a cent.

The Canadian dollar also finished slightly lower against the US greenback, finishing this pricing session at $1.1012 against its southern neighbor. Inventories there last week reported a drop of 900K barrels of crude oil and 2.3 million barrels of gasoline due to a turnaround of refinery runs to distillate fuels.

Distillate fuels that include heating, stove oils and diesel showed an increase of just 600K barrels.

In case you’re all still following the Muskrat issue, here’s an interesting one from the EIA that speaks about over 4300 megawatts of added electricity capacity to the grid recently. That’s in the first half of 2014…

That’s it for this week!


George Murphy
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