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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Numbers for Thursday, January 1, 2015. Numbers in Effect Midnight tonight!

Well, a Happy New Year to everyone in advance!

Looks like the PUB has allowed all petroleum suppliers to put price adjustments in place again as a result of the New Years holidays. Prices will be adjusted at midnight tonight as a result.

Here's what I have anyway, keeping in mind market volatility as well as winter blending that may affect diesel as well as heating oil pricing:

Heating and stove oils to drop by 1.2 cents a litre.
Diesel to drop by two cents even, and...
Gasoline to drop by 1.1 cents a litre from the regulated maximum.

#6 oil for electrical generation is now selling for $44.75 US a barrel, down from $97US in June.
Jet fuel now selling at 56.7 cents a litre, down from 86 cents a litre in June.

Brent crude continues to get pounded out there on the markets in the face of growing supplies. Last week saw US crude inventories increase by over seven million barrels and both gasoline and distillate inventories also up right along with it. The more supply, the less refined products are going to sell for. Here's hoping that the Canadian dollar rises just a little to give some of these prices a deeper swipe!

That's it for now!

Feel free to pass this around in spite of the short notice.

Regards and Happy New Year!

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Thank you for the info. Happy New Year George.