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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Price changes for Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hi to all,

Here's what I have for this week's price changes:

*Heating and stove oils show an increase of 2.9 cents a litre.
*Diesel shows an added 2 cents a litre, and...
*Gasoline shows an added 1.6 cents a litre at the pumps.

Market highlights

*While the Canadian dollar has risen slightly in the last week against its US counterpart, it still wasn't enough to absorb a corresponding rise in the basic cost price of most fuels I measure. All spot prices have shown a startling increase that goes hand in hand with rising oil prices. As a result of rising oil, the Canadian dollar has increased a rough 1.3 cents against the greenback.

*Consumers in Newfoundland and Labrador will feel the pinch this coming winter with the end of the Heating Rebate program in this year's provincial budget.
Consumers in Labrador will particularly feel the hardest hit living in a harsh environment with no benefit of the rebate program that saw considerable money to consumers to assist them with paying higher heating costs.

       Consumers will also be tagged with an added two percentage points to heating costs.
Government should re-instate the rebate program and render assistance to those who will be faced with higher energy costs. Again in this province, people will be forced to choose again between food and heat!

        Bring back the rebate and remove the tax on the necessities like heat!

*As predicted months ago, a new bottom line for the start of the return of US domestic drilling programs is slowly starting to form a picture of where we can all expect oil prices to top out.
$50 US is the new floor for oil where it is widely expected to see US domestic drilling and production programs to recover from the last year's drop in oil that initially shut down drilling.
It's also widely seen as a reason why speculators have been pouring dollars into oil this week. However, the spectre of a world over-supply of oil still hangs in the balance, so there's still predicted to be some volatility in pricing.

*Gasoline demand has picked up in recent weeks with US gas production alone hitting 9.4 million barrels a day, an increase of 3.9% over last years figures!

That's it for this week!

George Murphy
Twitter @GeorgeMurphyOil


snocky said...

George how come now at 8.30 pm wed 4th may no predictions on prices for tomorrow? Thanks my friend >"BOB".

George said...

Sorry for any inconvenience, but I was out of the country last week taking a little vacation.

Back in the saddle again, however!