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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Just in case, you might want to top off the tank!
My numbers don't show interruption to gasoline pricing is definite, that's first off...
However, the last two trading days have me a little concerned as to how much volatility there was in the markets since the last pricing adjustment last week.
When the last numbers came out, and only showing a 3/10ths of a cent a litre increase, I had it different by a full cent. That's leading me to believe that there was possibly enough market volatility over the past few days to warrant something happening with the numbers that I can't track.
Of particular interest are the last two days on the markets that put gasoline spot prices over 60 cents a litre from my last average of 53.87 cents just a week ago. Yes, a full six cents since the last adjustment.
Faulty data over the weekend is the kicker. I haven't been able to get hold of the prices between Friday and Sunday night that could spell it out in the numbers for sure. In other words, while the last two days are well over those required for interrupt to occur, I can't predict that it will happen on Thursday as a certainty. So far, my base average for the days I do have put it close to interrupt territory.
Another clue that it might?...
The base price of West Texas Intermediate, which I take a measure of, has increased by almost eight bucks a barrel...
Enough said!...
I think I'd be apt to hit the pumps Wednesday night, just in case prices do move Thursday morning. In the event they don't move pricing up this Thursday, you can be darned sure that if the market trend does keep up, we'll be looking at substantial increases next week.

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