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Monday, April 12, 2010

Just a little about "Food"

Did you notice?

Betcha didn't...

Out on my rounds this weekend when yours truly decided to stop into one of my favorite corner stores for a plain, ordinary bag of chips and I thought it passing as strange that the bag I bought looked a little smaller than usual.

It was...

Hostess chips and Humpty Dumpty cheezies dropped the last couple of weeks from 85 gram bag sizes to 65 grams. The price of the product stayed the same.$1.29 a bag.

Kit Kat bars are five grams less and still sell for the same price.

Not important to you maybe, but how about this one? Did you notice that some loaves of bread out there on the shelves are smaller? Apparently, Weston's breads downsized their loaves by three or four slices.
I'm told that the rest of the bread manufacturers have done the same thing.

In the mood for ice cream?

Brookfield Ice Creams have dropped in size from a two litre to a 1.65 litre size but still maintained their same price.

There is no inflation whenever Stats Canada takes their measurement because they only track price, not the weight of the product. If something like a bag of chips can lose 20% of its weight, are we not in fact paying twenty per cent more to get the same amount of product?

Inflation comes in many forms. How many people are going hungry as a result of changes in weights to healthy foods?

Next thing you'll hear about is Big Oil adjusting temperature compensation because of global warning!

In the meantime, I'll have an update on where fuel prices are so far this session just as soon as I have tonights figures.


George Murphy

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