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Friday, June 25, 2010

Welcome Hurricane Syndrome season!
Blowhard investors smiling on the news

Day one of investors rubbing their hands together in eager anticipation is off to a good start as today's NOAA forecast calls for the possible formation of the seasons first gulf storm that "may enter" the Gulf of Mexico.

Oil, of course, is well up on the news and investors have been given something to smile about with oil prices for the last few days.

No word from Confederation Building, where news of oil below $83 bucks US a barrel had some people in panic, considering this years budget estimates.

Oil itself, while still below the finance departments forecast, is on the rise with the news of the possible disruption in oil production in the Gulf of Mexico that has yet to happen, and that's the problem that everyone concerned with economic recovery should have.

Possible disruption...

That's your money that some of these investors and speculators are playing with...

We'll be in touch if this "blow" by investors ends up resulting in increased prices to your pockets.



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