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Monday, December 20, 2010

Numbers are up slightly

This weeks numbers are up slightly amidst signs that the US dollar has gained a little strength and that there's some economic troubles on this side of the border that has precipitated the slide in our own currency.

Oil has stayed mostly steady, but commodity prices are in flux with some changes worthy of note.

While distillate prices have stayed relatively steady over the past week, for the last day I have on record showed gasoline numbers to be out of whack with what distillates are showing. An oddity I sometimes wonder about.

Here's an example:

While heating oils sold at $2.46.24 on Friday, they showed little change in Monday trading, remaining relatively steady at $2.47.32, a change of 1.08 cents a litre.

Gasoline was the difference that I noted though. Friday's trading session showed gasoline at $2.33.53 a US gallon, while Monday's market close showed an increase to $2.42.03 cents a US gallon, or an increase from Friday's 62.46 cents a litre Canadian to Monday's 65.08 cents a litre, an increase of 2.62 cents a litre from the Friday close.

The reason?

I haven't seen an explanation yet, but I'm dying to see the reasons why it's up. If it does stay up this way for the next week, we're bound to be in a cycle of another increase to gasoline prices. We are now, as it is, just not to the same degree that we would be if one were to be making plans for the return trip home from Christmas vacation.

Here's what I have for this regulation period so far:

  • Heating and stove oils are up by 1.03 cents a litre.
  • Diesel is up by 9/10ths, and...
  • Gasoline shows an added 1.1 cents per litre.

I'll be back tomorrow night with the final numbers.



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