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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Price spike warning!

After Christmas blues, or positive economic news from the world markets, either way, numbers show prices moving up this week!

Here's what I have for the "six day":
  • Heating and stove oils show an increase of 1.42 cents.
  • Diesel shows an added 1.5 cents a litre, and...
  • Gasoline shows an additional 3.2 cents to prices for Thursday coming.
I'll be back tomorrow night with the full seven days of data, but it doesn't look good for the week, regardless of what happens tomorrow.

Catch you here then!



The "seven day" now shows some slight change in the numbers for this week. Here's what I have:
  • Heating and stove oils to increase by 1.37 cents.
  • Diesel to increase by 1.4 cents, and...
  • Gasoline to increase by 3.0 cents, a drop of two tenths from yesterday's numbers.

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