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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Final numbers for Thursday

Final numbers for Thursdays' price change. 
keep in mind that heating, stove oils and diesel all have kerosene in their winter blends now, so those numbers can only be used as a rough guide on which way those prices will be going!

Heating and stove oils show down by 1.67 cents a litre, while Diesel is down by 2.2 cents a litre.

Now the kicker! 
Gasoline numbers are down considerably on strong indications of a slow economic recovery and good inventory builds last week: Regular gasoline shows a drop of 7.3 cents a litre on the way, while the reformulated gasoline number shows down by 8.3 cents a litre.

I have no doubt on volatility in the downwards direction! But a good indicator of where gasoline is going comes out of Nova Scotia this evening. They have invoked the use of their interrupter formula. Theirs works when prices show a drop anywhere between 6 and 8 cents a litre, a good indication of where our prices will be going Thursday morning!
You should notice a far cry in the St. John's area from the current maximum allowable of $1.36.7 a litre!
 Hold off until Thursday to buy, if you can!
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