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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Increases across the board...All data in!

All the data is in.
                Here’s what I have for Thursday.
                Numbers from the markets today have almost come back around to “pre-binge” status. Gasoline spot prices showed a steep upwards curve, almost back to where they started before last week.
                Note here that diesel and heating/stove numbers are relatively close in comparison.

Wall Street Journal
·         Heating/stove shows up by 2.02/Litre
·         Diesel shows up by 2.0/Litre, and…
·         Gasoline shows an added 8.5/Litre
·         Reformulated gasoline shows an added 7.2/Litre

Accordingly, one of my other sources is also showing increases.

Natural Resources Canada (average rack)
·         Heating/stove shows up by 1.76/litre
·         Diesel fuel shows up by 2.0/Litre
·         Gasoline shows up by 5.0/Litre

Either way, there are increases across the board here. The gasoline numbers are a bit stretched between three different sources of numbers , but they are showing a considerable increase to come.

Regards for now,

George Murphy
Group researcher/member
Consumer Group for fair Gas Prices
Twitter: GeorgeMurphyMA

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