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Friday, May 20, 2011

Here's a little week-end tidbit for you. These guys are trying to take credit for the work of others, namely you. No surprise with that I guess. Some say it's politics.

I think they're getting tired myself...

Tired government trying to take credit for others ideas
Media release
Conception Bay South, May 20, 2011- Consumers shouldn't be surprised to find the province's finance minister try and take credit for the ideas of another party, that's a regular occurrance. What they should be offended at is the fact that government forgets the history of the removal of tax on heat idea going back to 1997 and a resulting petition drive against the government in 2001.
"If they had any gumption, they would have recognised that this idea of the removal of tax on heat was not their idea, not given them via the finance minister on Humber Road, or by a senior who asked the finance minister to remove the tax just weeks before the budget, but given to them by 55,000 of the people of Newfoundland and Labrador on March 28, 2001 via a petition in the House of Assembly back then to remove the tax on heat in a petition drive led by our consumer group."
He's forgetting his history, and he obviously wasn't a big listener of the Open Line radio shows".
"The finance minister should give credit where credit is due, and stop being so disingenuous and just get on with it", said Murphy.
It has also been stated in the House of assembly many time since 2003 from the province's New Democratic Party that the tax on heat should go.
It was also stated by the province's New Democrats that they should remove the tax and also retain the heating rebate. Just a reminder to everyone that, while it may be slow in the Confederation Building today, putting out an update on applicable tax rule changes does not give the government the right to say that removing the tax on heat and retention of the heat rebate was their idea.
It's a sign that this government is fast running out of original ideas and that it's getting tired of governance. Now is the time for vigilance, everyone!
George Murphy
Group researcher/Member
Consumer Group for Fair Gas Prices
(709)685-6186 cellular
Here's the link to the government release:

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