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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Price drops on the way

Hi to all...

Just watching the markets for the week so far and I am also getting a lot of email of inquiry on where prices may be going this week so far, so I figured I would let you know too.

Go light on whatever it is you're buying, let's put it that way...

Here's what I have so far, five days out of seven, reporting. Monday and Tuesday to come before I have a final number on what to expect this Thursday however...

  • Heating and stove oils are down by 7.4 cents a litre.
  • Diesel is down by 7.6 cents a litre, and...
  • Gasoline shows down by 4.6 cents a litre.

I'll be in touch later this week with final numbers for everyone, but after this week's market activity, this is where we stand so far.


George Murphy
Group researcher/Member
Consumer Group for Fair Gas Prices

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