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Friday, January 08, 2010

Oil's reality bites!

Sorry I couldn't post ahead of the scheduled time for a "possible" price change on Thursday. This computer of mine had a technical issue that could only be fixed Thursday and that wasn't the time to send out another blog posting of any possible changes.

Anyway, there weren't any changes as you all know by now.

That's not to say that there aren't going to be for next week, because all numbers are still ranging upwards to the point that, if the bottom fell out of the barrel now, any increase in fuel prices will be unavoidable!

Here's what I have so far with nine days of data out of a possible fourteen days:
  • Heating and stove oils now show an increase of 3.6 cents a litre.
  • Diesel shows an added 4.3 cents a litre, and...
  • Gasoline now shows an added 3.8 cents a litre at the pumps this Thursday coming.

Needless to say, the consumer is going to pay for the added revenue to the provincial treasury, both through oil royalties as well as added taxation collected on higher prices!

But, you're going to fill up before Wednesday and help keep that tax money, or at least some of it, in your pockets right?

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Get on the computer and vote and while you're at it, have a look at the others listed there. They make for some great reading!!

I'll be back with another update By Monday night, I hope.

'Til then!


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