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Monday, March 21, 2011

After six days

Just for your information, and in spite of oil being back up around the $103 US a barrel mark again, the numbers aren't too bad. Here's what I have after six days of business:
  • Heating and stove oils show an added 7/10ths of a cent.
  • Diesel shows up by 1.3 cents a litre, and...
  • Gasoline is down by a half cent.
Two things...

First, just a reminder that I cannot account for a lot of market volatility that comes from erratic performance of the markets, and there has been volatility these past couple of weeks!

Secondly, a reminder that when i quote my furnace oil numbers for the winter, they are just an indicator of the direction that furnace oil may go. It's solid for stove oil, but the winter blend of furnace oil here in Newfoundland and Labrador also includes a mix of kerosene as an anti-freeze agent, and I have no way to track kerosene to find out the proper numbers.

I'll be back tomorrow night with the final shot on what to expect for this week.


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