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Thursday, March 31, 2011

More studies needed

And the tax on heat has to go

After this little piece of economic news that could take a bite out of your wallet, maybe it's indeed time to take a serious look at which form of energy is cheaper for your home. CBC is reporting that your electricity costs are going to increase in the next few years.

Here's the link to the story:

Either way, looks like one of your necessities are going to be going up, all at a time when the Lower Churchill project is being touted as being a good thing to your wallet. I wonder do we still trust electricity to stay low in the future?

It appears that any home energy retrofit programming is going to be very busy in the coming years, that is, if you have one!

There is a definite need to have a national and provincial energy efficiency program that has constant and sustained programming and funding, something for which all parties in the country should be a part of and not just a single political party initiative.

It should also cross all income thresholds.

Just right now, this whole energy efficiency thing looks like it should be taken on an emergency perspective.

Again, to me, the tax on heat in the province, and the country for that matter, has got to go. Income levels are low amongst seniors and some income earners and electricity is being forecast as being unaffordable to most, as well is the cost of heating oil. Let';s take those tax dollars and leave in the hands of those who'll need it most.

We don't need anyone left behind, or below the poverty line.



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