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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The claim of victory!

We're halfway there!

As Danny Williams, and now Lorraine Michael said, "We got it!"

Sounds familiar, right?

Today, after being in the budget lock-down, and finding out that the tax had been removed, at least on a provincial level, I had to breathe a sigh of relief that the mission was halfway there.


Because in today's budget "We got it!" too...

As of October, the provincial portion of the HST will no longer be collected from your heat bill. It was a long, hard haul to this payday, but I am proud to say that the petition drive provincially is now cancelled and we'll start to work on getting that 5 percent removed from heat on a federal level.

Thanks to everyone who participated, especially those who remember signing the petition from our consumer group, and working for the group, all those years ago as well.

"We got it!"....

Never let a dream die, folks!

To add to today's victory for consumers here, there will still be a rebate program for those who need it most; those who will still find it hard to make ends meet. That's the part that Lorraine Michael worked so hard on to maintain, so, a big thanks to her for that!

I'll be back later tonight with another update on where prices will be going for this week's price change.



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