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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Numbers off?

Sounds strange, I know, but true.

The numbers for heating oil were off but we already knew that that might happen. As I said often before that the winter heating blend was different and that we could only go by the stove oil number to use as a guide during winter months until I find a source for kerosene. That's because kerosene is used as an anti-freeze agent during the winter months on a 75/25% mixture. That's why the stove oil number was within the margin for error.

As for gasoline? Different story...

I've checked and re-checked, and they still show the same: that increases should have happened that would have taken gas up by five cents a litre.


Yes, but now people may be questioning my accuracy.

I've checked three sources online and all are showing that my numbers are dead on, so, I can't explain the differences. I even went to three different gasoline types and they all showed increases over the past week ranging close to 6.6 cents a litre on gasoline that was supposed to be there. That was for a reformulated blend out of New York harbour, as it is known in the markets.


I can't say, but it has been mentioned before that someone may be making calls to someone down the line to hold back on putting the full charge to the consumer in an attempt to discredit. But tonight, the reality is that we got tagged with 2.5 cents at the pumps rather than the five I had, and I really can't go searching for that extra 2.5 cents.

Maybe they made a mistake in their numbers, after all?...


Maybe they're "banking on it" for later!



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