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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Oil gains
Consumers to pay
Media release

Conception Bay South, NL, April 05, 2011- Consumers will be taking another hit at the pumps this week, and prices for heating oil and diesel will continue to take a tole on consumers. That's from George Murphy, group researcher for the Consumer Group for Fair Gas Prices.

"Blame it on Libya, the situation in the Middle East, North African unrest, or even steady demand, but the fact is that consumers should be pissed that, as a country that produces more than it consumes, we are subject to paying for fuels based on the world condition. I'm getting a little tired of hearing that our oil resources are sailing away for refining and to keep Uncle Sam happy, while we have our own citizenry freezing in the dark because of prices driven by speculators. It's high time that we saw the concept of 'Made in Canada pricing' for our own people through, and be damned the bottom line of the corporate bottom line." Murphy said.

"It's time we put in place a 'Newfoundland and Labrador first' policy on the further development of our own offshore resources, and it's time to start looking after our own people. We're just not seeing the full benefits of our resources. Food bank use is at an all-time high, the heating rebate buys a little less than a quarter tank of fuel now, food prices will continue upwards because of fuel surcharges, and pensioners haven't seen an increase in years. We have people choosing between food and keeping warm, and nothing is being done for the ones who need it most."

"The oil beat goes on."

"The numbers for this week are not good. Heating and stove oils are showing up again, this time by 1.24 cents a litre, diesel numbers are up by another 1.3 cents a litre and gasoline shows either 4.9 or an even five cents a litre increase on the way for Thursday.

"The only hope there is right now for us to see any relief is one of two things: a complete banking system collapse in the European Union, or a sudden drop in demand. While countries like Portugal have been showing signs of trouble in recent days with a huge bail-out needed for it's banking system, we still have not seen solid evidence of a drop in demand, especially in the United States. Prices still haven't taken their full hold of consumers pocketbooks yet."


For more information, contact;

George Murphy
group researcher/Member
Consumer Group for Fair Gas Prices

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